How to Password Protect Your WordPress Forms

Hottest Web Designing Trends Of 2017 Explored

Just a few days back, we actually came across a question (posted on a forum) regarding the eventual death of web design. Much as we couldn’t gauge why such a question had actually cropped up, we were not even interested in finding out details because of one simple reason – we were more excited to find out what web designing actually has in store in 2017.

Ecommerce Web Designing: Mistakes to Avoid

There is a string of website designing mistakes that online retailers cannot afford to make. Your online store is your avenue to the global market- to the world of opportunities that lie way beyond your offline counterparts. You can conduct business 24/7 and be way ahead in the competitive curve.

Responsive Web Design or a Mobile Web App – Which Is Better for Your Business

This was a brief introduction to both responsive web and mobile web app. Both are good when developing a business site. There is no right answer which explains whether your business will be benefited by responsive web design services or mobile app. You should select as per your requirements.

Flat Styles: The Future of Web Design?

There is virtually no design element which offers a more meaningful shape to minimalism than what flat designs do. Their earliest history can be traced back to the times when designers felt that there was an urgent need to replace the much popular skeumorphic style. Skeumorphism can very simply be described as a design concept which entails the representation of design items that resemble their real-world counterparts.

How to Improve Your Website Design in Simple Steps

An appealing web design is considered the one which has the capability to retain visitors on the website. Ideally, a website designing company should design the website in such a way that visitors get convert into leads and ultimately long-time customers.

Why Is Good Website Design So Important for Businesses?

During this past decade, Hong Kong people’s usage of internet for work and life services has become more and more common, according to Statistical Reports from Census and Statistics Department. Currently, out of every 100 people in Hong Kong, 34.7 are actively using the internet. Setting up a company website to build a successful internet business platform has become an important part of building a corporate image and to promote products.

10 Common Errors E-Commerce Business Owners Make on Their Website

The global e-commerce market has reached the 1.7 trillion USD in 2015 and the industry is growing at an explosive pace. Hence, there’s a huge importance of SEO for e-commerce sites. We will discuss the 10 most common errors that sellers make on their website.

How to Enhance Your Web Design Skills in No Time

It can be a challenging task to design your company website all by yourself. You have to cope with the expectations of most stakeholders, and usually face problems that keep fresh ideas from materializing. The following are a number of tips, shortcuts and common advices on creating a great website design.

Advantages of Using Custom Web Design

Custom web design is more beneficial than a template or pre-built solution. Read on to know the ways by which these advantages could further develop your business. First of all, if you plan on building your own website, you have an alternative to buy a pre-built template then add your information and pictures in it.

Best Reasons to Develop WordPress Bespoke Themes

Theme Consistency – No two WordPress themes are alike because different developers have varying approaches in creating each and every one. Themes may have the same core pages, but are not consistent in the way they are structured and coded. Since everything considerably varies including CSS mark-up, functions, HTML structure, naming conventions and PHP code, this usually makes the most simple tasks – like styling comments and tweaking column widths – very time consuming.

What’s the Impact of Website Design on Your Business?

You probably ask yourself why do you need help in updating your existing company website. Your present site may look obsolete in contrast to the competition, but do you really need a new one? Even if you are reluctant, you look for a design firm to transform your website, but are not totally sure if a new design will improve your business.

Leading Responsive Web Design Errors to Avoid

Designers should not overlook the importance of mobile devices. Mobile is not only a current trend, but the future, and there is a rise in number of website designs that are intended for the mobile. However, the same website may not display well on many of these new devices.

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