How To Point Namecheap Domain Name To Bluehost Hosting 🔥 (UPDATED Tutorial!)

A Web Site For Your Small Business

Visualize your site as a prospect. Is your site offering help and knowledge about your products? Your knowledge of products on your site will give you an advantage over your competitors and possibly lead to a sale.

5 Benefits of Professional Web Design

You could, if you had the time, design a website yourself. However, there are many reasons why you should avoid this, especially if you have a business. Read on for more reasons to choose a professional web designer.

A Modern Web Design Is Good for SEO and Visitor Experience – Find Out Why?

A modern stylish web design is important for visitor experience. The search engines value this and having a modern design is good for both conversions and strong rankings in the search engines.

Start Your Own Website

What is the reason that you want to start your own website? Is it just for fun or do you want to make some extra income? You can start building a website today. What if you are still indecisive and what steps are the best ones to take?

Are You Trapped by Your Static Website?

A static website can actually trap a business partner hindering them from making updates or creating new content. New content helps search engines to find you and therefore your target market to locate you as well.

Top 10 Web Site Launch Tips

A web site launch is exciting and cause for celebration – if you do it right. If you don’t do it right, your pixel-based dream biz will end up on the trash heap along with millions of other sites built on a dream but launched on a prayer.

What Makes a Great Freelance Web Designer?

Finding a good freelance web designer is a hard thing to do in today’s times. For one, what qualifies a person to be a designer? Just because they can make a webpage using an online drag and drop tool doesn’t make them a good fit for your project.

Importance of Website Designing for Mobile Devices

Are you using web analytics to view detailed statistics of visitors to your website? If you are not, you should. If you are, have you checked what devices are being used by your site visitors to view your website? More often than not, you can see an entry for visitors using mobile devices. That shows you, if are still unaware, that more and more people are using their handheld devices to browse the web.

Infographics: Do You Need Them?

How do you represent important facts and data on your website? Simple bar graphs perhaps? Written words using various fonts to highlight various points? Are you even highlighting important information on your website?

Tips For Hiring Your Web Designer

You’ve decided that you want to launch a new website, or maybe you’re just revamping the one you h ave, but it’s not something you can or want to do on your own. Choosing the right web designer takes a bit of consideration on your part. How your site functions and how it looks are going to depend on the quality of the work put into it. It’s just like choosing an interior designer; if you want a rustic style, don’t pick the designer that decorates in pink.

Widescreen Websites: Are They Worth It?

When building a website there are a few things to take into consideration. The first being, when you decide the width of your website, you must still account for square monitors. The second thing you must take into consideration are the different web browsers that are being used out there.

How To Build Your First Website – The Basics

In this article I am going to teach you the basics and what you need to have in place to build your first website even if you have never built one before.  I may have mentioned that you really don’t need to have a website of your own to get your info marketing business started and that is still true. But if you really want to build your business and make it a profitable one you will need to have a website.

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