How to Reset Your WordPress Database to Default Settings

Does Building a Mobile Site Ensure Success?

Every online business owner and website designer understands the importance of a mobile website. These types of website design have become increasingly popular due to the amount of Internet users who rely on their phone or tablet to access information. But does building a mobile site ensure success for your business.

Brand Development – How to Build and Develop Your Brand

How to Build and Develop Your Brand – What is a brand? Is it your logo? Is it a slogan? Is it a product? The answer is yes. A brand is made up of all of those things, but it’s not any of those things by themselves. Your brand is basically who you are, or your identity. If you consider some of the best-known brands in the world, then you realize that they contain all of those things. Your brand is how people identify you and your business, which means it’s not so much the message you send out, but rather it’s the message that customers receive about you. Brand development is therefore vital to any company. Without the right branding, consumers will decide your identity for you.

Things to Understand Before Hiring a Web Development Company

No business can survive without a website today. The business that avoids this necessity, either remains unknown to the world, or does not prosper at all. An online platform makes it easy for business owners to communicate to their clients.

What Does Your Business Website Need in Order to Succeed?

A website is more than a business calling card, it’s the interactive platform that encourages the public to visit, use and buy from the site. Your website is in essence an invaluable tool for increasing profits whether your business is online or has a bricks and mortar base. Business owners will only benefit from having a business website however if it is properly set up and run.

How To Build A Dental Website

Dental website design does not have to be extremely difficult, as a matter of fact, when you are considering your dental website design you should remember to keep things as simple as possible. If you make things too complicate on your pages then people either have a hard time getting the pages to load, or they have a hard time navigating them once they get on them. KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

Designing the Layout of Your Store

The online market has grown greatly in the last few years and an impressive number of entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to enter this space. It seems that as far as business is regarded, profit is gained faster and simpler than on the traditional market. Still, in order for entrepreneurs to gain a higher profit rate, they should focus on the online platform. Entering the online market requires you to have a website. This can take up many, many forms, all depending on the type of business you own.

How Responsive Web Design Benefits SEO

Evolution of the responsive web design is one of the interesting developments in the web development industry. A responsive design easily fits into devices of various screen sizes, be it a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. To positively affect SEO a website should have all the elements of a responsive web design.

4 Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Website Experience

Research indicates that visitors who have a bad experience with a business website tell 10 other people about it. So it’s crucial that customers who come to your small business or B2B website – for the first time or the tenth time – enjoy the experience, or at least come away with no significant complaints. Here are four ways to improve your customers’ website experience and convert them into loyal fans of your business.

5 Simple Steps To Choose The Right Font For Your Design

Typography is the art of expressing by means of types or symbols. This article will break down the process of selecting the right font for your design into 5 straightforward steps. I wrote this for web designers, but others can gain from reading it as well.

Rise of the Responsive Website

Mobile computing is on the rise. Tablets such as iPads and Galaxy Tabs are hugely popular. Most people can access the net no matter where they are in the world. Read more to understand the importance of keeping up with you competitors.

Tips to a Great Web Design

A website is one of the most important marketing tools of any business, whether you work from home or you own a large corporation. Every business throughout the world has a website these days as a way to market themselves to their target audience, increasing their visibility and improving sales turnover.

Flat Designs for Websites 2014

Website designs, like any other aspect of technology develop and shifts priorities each year. If the year 2013 was all about the boom in the mobile technology and responsive websites, the year 2014 is definitely the year for the evolution of skeuomorphic designs. The flat website design concept can be further analyzed through the following points.

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