How To Setup WordPress On Bluehost (UPDATED 2022!) 🔥

5 Unwelcome Facts on the “Website Introduction Page” or the Dreaded “Welcome Page”

All the time your visitor is waiting for your flash or your Introduction Page to load is costing you quality time with your prospective buyer. Welcome Pages (or Intro Pages) put an extra click between your content and the visitor, you rob yourself of 1/3 of the available clicks on your website. Welcome Pages are not welcome by visitors or Search Engines.

Advantages of Vector Graphics in Graphic Design

This article discusses 9 advantages of vector graphics in graphic design. Vector graphics can be easily edited and enlarged. Vector images have an aesthetic appeal and they are great for animation.

The Value of Personal Profiles in a Small Business Website

Adding personal profiles to your website if done well, can build a visitor’s trust in you, your team and your business. This is important. Trust doesn’t come easily in this age of online scams, where it seems everyone is out to part you from your hard-earned. The Internet can be a scary place. We’re all suspicious of giving out personal information, no matter how necessary it may be or how highly recommended the site is. Make your visitor feel safe and you’ve gone a long way to turning them into a customer. Treat them well and justify the trust they showed in you and you may have a customer for life.

Hire the Right Web Design Company to Increase Your Sales

Are you looking for a web design company to bring to life your next project? If your answer is yes, we have put together a list of qualifications to check for…

The Dirty Truth About Free Websites

When you get a free website for your business, is it really free? Chances are, no. If you look, you can find many sites on the internet offering no cost website design templates and free website design tools. You can also get free holey clothes on the web as well if that’s what you are interested in. This article explains the dirty truth that the free sites don’t want you to know.

How to Choose a Webpage Design Company

Not everybody has the skills or knowledge to design their own website. The good news for them though is that there are many companies that can do the job for them for a price. No website owner should ever just hire the very first design company they see.

Your Business Website’s Loading Speed Is More Important Than You Might Think

Many individuals do not realize how significant the page speed of your webpage is. Web surfers are getting to be a lot more impatient as home internet connections along with their speeds go up. The visitors are not willing to wait patiently for the business site to launch.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Developer for Your Website

A great website is a business’ calling card. Often, it is the very thing that forms the first impression of your business within a prospective client’s mind. You want that first impression to be positive, lasting and impactful, that’s why it’s important your website is in good hands. Hiring a professional web developer will ensure a high quality website.

Five Essential Elements 0f Web Design

What makes a beautiful website and what are its main elements? The intelligent use of these elements can do wonders to the overall user experience derived from a website. Read this complete article to find out what those elements are?

10 Ways to Use Typography Efficiently in Website Design

This article discusses 10 ways to use typography effectively in website design. It suggests that you should choose proper font size and color for better readability. You should also pay attention to the line spacing and text alignment to maintain your website’s aesthetic appeal.

Why Your Web Site Needs a Good and Professional Web Design

Every wise business owner agrees that the world today has become extremely competitive and in order to be successful in this competitive world of business one needs to find ways to create an edge and stand out from their competitors. In lieu of this situation, it has become totally imperative for a business to come up with their very own business web site.

Optimizing Images As a Web Designer

There are many reasons why you should optimize your images that you use on your website. First and foremost is that it creates a better user experience, no one wants to sit and wait on large images to load. Especially in the age of lightening fast internet. Back in the day when there was dial up it was just how things were, waiting on websites to load. But people are spoiled and conditioned to expect a fast load time. And if you have a huge file that hasn’t been optimized for the web your users are for sure going to bounce off your site and on to the next.

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