How to Speed Up Your eCommerce Website 14 Proven Tips

Understanding The Basics In Website And Web Design

Web design is a field that’s constantly changing and being updated because it’s so dynamic. Every year, new trends in the field pop up, sometimes because someone has an inventive idea that catches fire or because an old need finally gets addressed.

10 Important Elements Of Professional Web Design

Professional web design will include a balance between all of its elements. More so, the design will not only be functional but usable as well. When creating a website, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration to ensure its…

Website Objectives Vs Personal Preferences

Being a designer for over a decade now, I’ve witnessed many clients let their personal preferences dictate design and thwart the overall objective of the design. The purpose of graphic and web design is to communicate and support marketing objectives. Marketing all goes back to meeting the unmet psychological needs and wants of your target market.

5 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Needs

When designing a WordPress website, it is essential to have top quality plugins for it. Plugins can bring additional features to your website by simply installing them with a few clicks of the mouse in your admin controls page. Out of all the plugins out there, five of them stand out as being the best plugins around.

Choosing The Right Colours For Your Website

It is clear that we are living in an age dominated by the internet. Our love for smart phones, tablet PCs, social media devices and the ability to browse from almost anywhere in the world has made the internet a focal part of our daily lives. As a result of our ever growing love for the internet; websites have now become a crucial part of the business world. Whether retailers, legal specialists or photographers, websites are a fantastic way to showcase talent and propose products and services for immediate purchase. As a result of this, full service agencies are now offering a range of web designs, from the simple and minimalist websites to complex ecommerce designs that sell hundreds of products.

Mobile Website Design and Apps, Make Smartphones the Remote Controls to Our Lives!

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the ‘remote controls’ to our lives, especially with well thought out mobile websites and mobile apps. This article highlights some of the areas where a businesses mobile internet presence can be improved dramatically, turning smartphones into the most powerful sales medium we have ever known.

Why Should You Have a Responsive Website?

Responsive websites are becoming very popular and the growth rate of people talking about and using this in their sites is fast becoming the norm. So, why should you be using a responsive website?

Web Designing Firms – Playing Vital Roles.

The upstart of the decade old Web designing; featuring their importance in providing front end requirements for online clientele is discussed. Its effectiveness in today’s time where almost all business and enterprises have a Web designing firm working for them is analyzed in detail. Showcasing their vital role and dedication in the promotion of their objectives.

Copyright Issues – Using Free Images On Your Blog

Most free images found on the Internet are likely to have some form of license restriction. To avoid issues relating to copyright infringement you should always check the license or user agreement to ensure you aren’t violating any laws.

Top 5 Reasons to Create a Unique Website

Reaching the front pages of Google or Bing needs diligence and out-of-the-box thinking on your side; if you are able to make your website a preferred destination for visitors, then you can rest assured that the search engines will automatically be impressed enough to rank your website and start giving importance to your pages. So, creating a unique website and optimizing it are like adding salt to a recipe-without them, it will be a Herculean task to promote your business confidently, effectively and seamlessly.

14 Websites for Clean, Striking, Modern Design Inspiration

Draw inspiration from these fresh, modern websites. This list has CSS3 animated illustrations, Html5 coding, and clean WordPress themes.

Website Design – How to Create a Link in HTML and Change Its Colour

This article is a short but detailed instruction on how to create a link in HTML and how to change the link’s colour. First of all you will find out what a Hyperlink is and how to write the HTML code in order to create different types of hyperlinks. Then, we are going to demonstrate how to change the default colur of the link.

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