How to Stop Search Engines from Crawling a WordPress Site

Web Design: The Flaws of the “Do It Yourself” Approach

A common argument that some make against DIY websites is that people don’t have the time or motivation for them. This claim, like most cop-out theories made popular in the entrepreneurial fields, is groundless. There are more compelling reasons why people are unsuccessful with DIYs: weak branding, limited functionality, domain and design dependence, and the overestimated value of social media are the main culprits here.

What Are The Must Have Features Of An About Us Page?

The ‘About Us’ page of your business website is an important page. Therefore, it should have some necessary features on it. What are these features? Read more to find out.

From Fitness Website To Full-On Lifestyle Brand

Fitness businesses are booming these days. With so many health and fitness websites popping up, standing out among your competitors is key. Gone are the days of offering only basic tips and philosophies.

Boost Your Medical Website Design With Before and After Photos

Websites for doctors’ offices and other medical groups are helpful resources for patients. After researching a qualified physician or other type of medial practice, patients want to use the practice’s website for information and reassurance before making the commitment that comes with a medical or surgical procedure. Depending on the type of procedures your practice offers, before-and-after photos could be a hugely helpful addition to your overall medical website design.

How to Write a Brief for a Graphic Designer – 2

This article will provide the client with some suggestions and guidelines for writing an effective design brief. Providing this information to your graphic designer will help you both in concept development.

5 Reasons Your Responsive Web Design Fails

We stress the importance of optimizing a website for the variety of devices customers use to access the web. After taking the leap to “go responsive,” it’s important to remember responsive design isn’t a simple copy and paste job. While the optimized website design should reflect the native site’s branding, different devices demand different viewing needs.

A Simple Guide On How To Find A Web Designer

Did you know that your website is your virtual office? It is where all those who may be interested in your products or services can find you. The web design or layout of your site should create an unforgettable first impression.

Website Designing Suggestions – 4 Reasons Why A Credit Card Payment System Will Benefit You

Do you want to start selling services or products on the internet? If so, there are many things you should have prior to starting your business. A means of accepting payments via your site is the most important matter to reflect on when designing.

Web Design Tips – What To Add To A Menu Bar

Being a successful online merchant is not an easy thing. It is possible to fail even if you are a good business manager. Your career is management and it has nothing to do with web design and programming.

Why Do Your Web Visitors Prefer Your Competitor?

An eCommerce website is relatively difficult to construct. It is set to contain very delicate things such as the credit card numbers of customers. Additionally an eCommerce site must contain a shopping cart and payment methods.

What to Do to Make Your Website Responsive

If you have a website that is optimized for mobile devices, you may not have any interest in this blog article. However, if you don’t, you may wish to read on because the information that is presented here will probably prove valuable to you.

Ways To Increase Search Engine Visibility For Your Site

Search engine visibility is the thing that keeps a website running. If search engine bots cannot interpret the links on your site you are wasting your time. Your website will no longer appear in search engine results even if potential visitors use relevant terms for their online searches.

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