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The Best Tips For Designing A Great Website

Creating a website has become much easier as web development technology becomes more user-friendly. There are basic guidelines that all web designers should follow when creating a website. Here are some of the things that you should consider.

Trending Towards Mobile Access Of Web Pages

Mobile access of web pages has seen a stupendous rise off late. According to a report conducted by a research company, in the third quarter of 2011-12, 69% of users in USA used mobile devices to access the internet. The trend is not going to change in this year and may even witness a rise as there is a stupendous influx of smart phones and other mobile devices like tablets in our lives. We have come to an age when people want to remain connected with the internet platform 24/7. Whether you are traveling or going to your workplace, or you are in a grocery store, you want to access the world at our finger tips.

There’s Value In Standing Still: Why Your Site Can Live Without Flash Animation

Web design is a field that sees more than its share of rapid development and technological innovation. The problem is that it’s hard to tell which new technologies will become Internet-wide standards and which ones will be flashes in the pan. It is sad to say, but Macromedia Flash falls much closer to the latter end of this scale, and you should exercise extreme caution in using it on your own site. Here are the most important reasons why:

The Cultural Considerations Of Using Purple In Your Web Designs

As the internet is such a widely accessed web of information, we can no longer assume that the web designs created in Australia are only viewed by those who live here. Because of this, it is important that anyone involved in the industry has an awareness and an understanding of how different cultures view each of the colours that we use in our designs. How is the colour purple, for example, seen all over the world?

Does Your Website Seek To Impress?

The importance of a web presence for business success can’t be overstated, but many business owners are unclear about what makes for a website that serves it’s purpose. Businesses of all kinds are often looking for an impressive website, but what are their potential customers looking for? The truth is actually surprising.

Instagram Goes Live With Its 3.0 Version To Further Lure Its 80 Million Users

Instagram as a photo sharing app is not unknown among Facebook and Smartphone app users. This widely popular app gets more user friendly with its new 3.0 version, which got launched on 16th August 2012.

How to Choose a Graphic Design Professional for Your Website

Choosing a graphic design professional presents a number of challenges, especially given the vast number of available candidates. Business owners will do best to work through referral networks to find someone local who fits their needs. Knowing what you want upfront and remaining involved in the process will avoid frustration down the road.

How To Ensure Your Responsive Website Doesn’t Lose Visitors

A great-looking website is many things. It’s a place which sells your business every second of the day and night without you having to say or do a thing, a place which shows customers what they can expect from your professional service, and the ideal opportunity to showcase your growing portfolio. In other words, a modern responsive website acts as a third, fourth and fifth employee. And like any business, those employees can do so much more than just you working on your own.

Effective Tips For Monetizing Web Design

When you learn how to design websites, you also want to learn simultaneously how to make money using your talents. Continue reading to find out helpful tips for monetizing web design effectively.

Organizing To Save Time And Money On Web Design

You can save significant time and money in setting up your website by doing work before you start your web design. Use the checklist below for a checklist of preliminary steps to take to organize in order to save money on web design.

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Web Design Works

If you are going to find the right web design company or freelancer, this may be a difficult task. These are some of the benefits of outsourcing your web design works instead.

Responsive Website Design

A responsive web design refers to website layouts, designs, or versions which can display on all kinds of platforms and browsers. According to eMarketer (August 2011), 75.7% of today’s population are using mobile phones. Certainly, you can expect the majority of those users to rely on their cell phones as well for accessing the Internet. Not having a mobile ready website is virtually akin to turning away a huge chunk of your target market – and driving them to your competition as well.

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