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What You Need to Look For in a Good Logo

Your logo is one of the most important – if not the most important – pieces of your website’s graphic design. A poorly designed, or an over or under-designed logo, will rob your website of credibility and make it look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are no hard and fast rules for logo design, but here are a few things to think about: Two Types of Logo: Iconic logos are logos like the Apple image, which contain no words but represent a brand.

Website Design – The Basics

Websites are usually composed of individual pages. Every successful website has a specific purpose. Rather than being a randomly strung together series of pages it focuses on satisfying a website visitor’s specific needs and wants.

How To Design A Corporate Website

When developing a corporate website the company that you hire will often focus on two main themes. They will want to make sure that your site is informative and that it’s well organized.

Does Color Add Spark to Your Brand Logo Design?

Brand logo design should make a business memorable to its customers. It is color that adds meaning and value to your brand. Colors make your logo memorable, instantly recognizable, encourage call-to-action and convey a specific message.

Taking Search Engine Friendly Web Design Services

Search Engine Optimization and web design are two totally different topics but are closely related to make a website successful. Every website owner wants its website to look the best and stand out of the competition. However, this will only be possible when a website will succeed in the race to become SEO friendly.

Essential Rules to Effective Web Design

Most designers tend to get carried away using all the fancy tools available. As long as your follow these essential rules in web design, you are sure to have an excellent website for your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website Now

No mat­ter what busi­ness you are in, get­ting more sales and increas­ing prof­its is more challenging in our present economic environment. Busi­nesses need to incorporate strate­gies that can reach their poten­tial and exist­ing cus­tomers both eas­ily and affordably.

Goals of Web Design

Several people who run businesses don’t view the role of an efficient site in boosting online presence potentials. By making use of great web design in Stoke, they can realize what they are missing out on. This article will talk about numerous goals of a good web site design.

3 Important Trend to Follow for 2012

The electronic & digital age is here. Websites are no longer only a static pages that look good when you click over to them. It’s important to implement the proper design for the right purpose.

Website Design Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Your website design is the face of your business online. It captures the viewer’s attention and diverts him to take a look around your site. If you do your homework right with your website design, you will be able to convert the viewer into a buyer of your product or service.

Service Design in a Dynamic Corporate Environment

Have you experienced being answered by a food server with an, “I can’t do anything about it. That’s how they do it in the kitchen?” Even if politely said, you can’t help but get annoyed with that kind of answer. You couldn’t even stop for a while and think, “Yeah, that’s right. She couldn’t do anything about it. It’s beyond her control.” It was your disappointment possessing you at that moment.

Top 5 Tools for Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is the need of the hour for businesses vying for greater exposure and brand awareness on the Web. Some important tools for creating responsive website design include Adobe Device Central CS5.5, Golden Grid System and FitText.

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