Is Spectra Page Builder The Future WordPress Website Building? I Spent 14 Days Testing It Out.

Using Good Web Design to Support Business Goals

A good website should do more than just look good, it should drive business goals. This article discusses some of the things you can do to make sure your website looks fantastic and helps your company grow.

Meta Tags and Keywords: Why They Are Important

Meta Tags and Keywords are often overlooked to the new website owner. If you didn’t know, these are of vital significance when trying to publish your site on the internet. The existence of meta tags and keywords are designed to help search engines categorize and identify your site so that when people perform a search, the likelihood of your site appearing will increase.

4 Important Web Design Rules

What are the important rules in web design? What works and what does not? Read this article to find out.

How Does Web Design for Mobile Differ From Regular Website Design?

Web page design for mobile phones and related devices is rather different than an archetypal website design. The first step is to mull over and finalize the medium you are going to use. However it is also essential to be aware that there are two types of handsets with admittance to the internet world.

Should Your Company Even Have A Website?

Should your business have an online presence, even if your enterprise is small, and markets goods and services you don’t believe could be sold on the internet? My reply is the same today, as always: Yes!

Top Ways on How to Solicit Feedback to Improve Web Design

The website is the representation and the face of the business to its consumers online. Sometimes the quality of the services and products that can be provided by the company can be defined by its web presence.

Step by Step Guide to Build Your Own Website – 5 Tips

Tip 1 – Building your own website is best done following your exploration of building a few free websites first. Once you’ve mastered the concept of web design and structure using such web platforms as ‘WordPress and blogger’, you’ll become more proficient at both web structures, capabilities and able to get the basics of understanding how to market a website.

Will a Professional Website Designer Really Add Value to Your Website?

It’s a question we hear all the time – “Will a professional website designer add value to my site?” The obvious response to that is – “Is it important that they do?” For some, a website is just a hobby, or it’s to support a hobby or micro business, so whether the website is effective or not doesn’t really matter.

Good Website Designers Are Not Just Techno Whiz Kids

Contrary to popular belief good website designers are not just techno whiz kids who can use all the latest gadgets to create a fantastic modern site with every gizmo possible. They are professional, qualified, talented technologists, often part of a team, who create exactly the right website for their client. Good communication with the client is imperative to providing the client with the best possible site for their business needs.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Firm

A website is an essential element that all entrepreneurs need in order to compete in this modern business era. Individuals who have technical knowledge may be able to make their own site. However, if you do not have the necessary skills, then you might as well outsource the job. Websites cost a reasonable amount of money depending on its design that is why it is important to hire those with proven capability and experience so that your money will not be wasted. A website with poor layout, confusing navigation and complicated design can drive away your visitors. Follow these 4 guidelines on how to choose the right web design company.

Can A Good Website Benefit Your Business?

Website design is a funny old thing. As with many older digital profession, it’s something that many people claim they can do. However, doing it well is an entirely different thing. So, is it worth spending money on quality? Keep reading, and maybe we can answer that.

OpenCart Web Designers

Using web designers to design your website is highly important if you want to make it as effective as possible. This is especially true if you are using OpenCart. OpenCart is an open source PHP e-commerce solution.

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