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The Must Have Features For Any Mobile Website Design

There are a number of differences between designing a website for a desktop computer and a mobile device – the web access between the two is completely different, the screen sizes are worlds apart, and even the situation of the user is unique (as in, the user of a mobile device is generally on the move and cannot browse at leisure). If you work extensively with mobile website design, there are four features that you should ensure you include in every project you tackle:

Facts About Mobile Websites

The number of mobile users has increased to record figures and smartphones and tablets have a large part to play in this success. Studies have found that the absence of mobile websites cause negative browsing experiences by many mobile users, due directly to poor navigational structure and slow loading of selected items. The traditional websites are developed and created for computer and laptop users only.

How to Optimize Mobile Sites

Do you have a mobile website and is it user friendly? If the answer to the above is no, then your business could be losing potential client streams every hour. With the growth of mobile communication the need for mobile friendly websites is crucial.

The Basic Elements of Web Design

Web design has come a long way from the early years’ simple, text-based websites to today’s rich and interactive websites. Internet site design has also gained global popularity over the years due to the increasing number of dependency on the Internet for information.

Why You Still Need a Website For Your Business

Having your own website gives you total control over its content. Control is a huge advantage. You decide which advertisements, sponsors, links, logos and text go onto your website. You have the final say about what your website looks like.

Should You Do Your Own Web Design or Hire a Pro?

If you already have some technological knowledge, doing your own web design may not be that difficult for you. Learning the programs that you need to use to design your website is simply easier if you have technological knowledge.

5 Important Business Website Design Principles

The article talks about five important business website design principles. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

How You Can Design A Website For Ones Business

There isn’t any better way of advertising your company and also services online as compared to getting a website. This not only supplies a central point of contact to your prospects but makes it possible to read up much more information regarding your firm, precisely what solutions you supply and your work ethos. Keeping this in mind, it is essential you’re making certain your internet site will look professional and also delivers the right message.

How an Interactive Website Design Can Improve Your Website

The article talks about the way website design can improve your website. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

How To Engage Your Customers Through An Effective Website

Engaging your customers through your website and presence is critical if you are to thrive in today<s marketplace. This article will show you the critical first steps to capturing your customers hearts and minds.

Basic Ways to Build a Website

If you are seriously considering having a presence on the internet, you must learn how to build a website. Here are some basic ways to build a website…

How To Respond To Requests For Free Web Design Work

If you work in the web design industry, or any creative field for that matter, it is likely that you have experienced a number of requests for free work. Whilst people want the highest quality work, they really don’t want to pay for it – this can be highly frustrating for all designers who are forced to field off requests from family and supposed friends, not to mention those requests that come from complete strangers! If you are yet to come up with a good response for these types of requests, this article may give you a few tips.

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