The 12 Best WordPress Donation and Fundraising Plugins

Starting Your WordPress Website

The advantage with a WordPress website is that it is an open source code site allowing one a simple way to create and publish as well as manage content on a website online. Though primarily a blogging site, it is also used to create and maintain websites online. There are several advantages to choosing WordPress – it is free, quite simple to use and is supported by a massive pool of talent.

Website Accessibility – Don’t Forget It

In the USA and the UK your business is now breaking the law if your website is not accessible. This means your website needs to be accessible to the visually and hearing impaired. I can hear business men in other countries thinking ‘what does that have to do with us?’ Accessibility is not just about ensuring equivalent access to the internet for the disabled. Accessibility is ensuring everyone can use your site, no matter their operating system, personal computer settings, capabilities or disabilities.

How to Create a Good Site Map

Every good website has one but does anyone actually know why a site map is important? Is it just an extra page your web designer throws in to charge you more money? The answer is no. A site map is important for two reasons. It is a useful structural design tool and it provides users with a navigation map for large or complex sites.

Corporate Logo Design – Some Tips to Use Colors

This article offers some tips of using colors in corporate logo design. Colors used should gel well with the corporate brand or image. A corporate logo should use colors that reflect the nature of the business and evoke positive feelings. Corporate logos generally have one bright color in the logo.

What Is Design?

Seriously, what is design? When someone says they are a designer I know I should be suitably impressed but it is one of those jobs that everyone seems to just pretend they know what it means. Designers, do they make things? Do they fix things? Or do they just come up with ideas for making things? They seem to make a lot of money so what is it that they do?

Setting the Base for Your Website

When you plan to build a website, there is a lot of planning that goes into it, much before you actually let the site go live. If you ensure that your research and preparation is good, you will be sure of having a site that will have the desired impact.

Choosing the Right Web Designer (Custom Design or Theme)

One way to save big on your new website is by having your web designer use a ready made theme. At this pointing you might be thinking, “hold on, templates make for bland sites that provide no wow factor”. You are right, this is true of templates that allow anyone with a mouse to create a webpage. But there are thousands of themes sure to amaze…

Is Your Website Mobile Aware?

Boost the power of your business websites by making them mobile friendly. Incorporate QR codes and watch your online business grow. QR codes will help mobile and smartphone users to gain quick access to your websites.

Web Design Tips – Top Usability Design Tips to Remember

When you are designing a website, usability is extremely important. This allows visitors to easily access the information they are looking for on the site. The good news is that creating a usable website doesn’t have to be expensive.

Cheap Website Designs

When you are setting up a business on the web, creating a website is important. Websites help you to communicate with the group you want to reach while promoting your business and building up brand recognition. Of course, while designing a website is important, many people do not have the expertise needed to create a quality site.

Web Marketing Models for Your Business

International commerce and trade used to be a monopolised domain of the mighty multinational companies as it involved physical movement of products and equipment entailing trans-ocean set up or employment of administrative and operational human resources. It unambiguously required a lot of financial resources to implement such an enterprise.

The Problems Of In House Web Design

When it comes to designing your own website rather than outsourcing its design, there are many problems that you may encounter, or costs that you may incur that may make you think twice about going down the in house web design route. Whilst you may think that by doing everything in house that you will keep costs low and have the best control over your sites development now and in the future, there are many challenges that can occur that can prove this to be a very costly route. So what are the kind of problems and costs that you may incur to make you think twice?

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