The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide To Prevent Hacking & Malware Attacks

Hiring Professional Web Designers – A Firm Step Towards Brand Building

Hiring professional web designers is a firm step towards brand building. This why, you should always approach a reputed firm and hire their designers for your business. To know more about how you can choose the best professional web designers to benefit your business and brand, read this article.

Serious Mistakes That Have Been Made in Web Design – Part 1

Web design is a process. It is a way of developing something credible out of ideas, graphics, fonts and other content. In the course of this development, there are many considerations to think about and it can’t be helped that a lot of mistakes are made. The bad thing about these errors is that they really affect the way your website is seen by your target audience. If you are aware of what these flaws are, you might be able to stay away from mirroring them in your own design.

Why Choose Web Designers From Reputed Firms?

One of the first steps to get the best web design for your project is to choose the best web designers in the industry. This article describes some of the reasons why you must choose web designers only from reputed firms.

Five Things To Remember When You Design Your Website

Your website design undoubtedly influences your marketability and sales. There are easy and simple things to remember while designing your website, which can help you to improve your business prospects and enhance your visibility and sales.

Split Testing Your Website Will Help You Engage Customers And Improve Online Sales

Web Designing plays an important role in attracting online customers. Therefore improve your site’s performance by analyzing the design features that are in-sync with your audience’s demands.

Top 5 Mistakes in Web Design

This article discusses my top 5 mistakes in web design, these are the things which I find most annoying as a user when surfing the Internet. It discusses what people get most annoyed with and why they will quite often bounce off the site to a competitor.

3 Ways to Engage Your Web Visitors in 7 Seconds

A website user decides within seven seconds whether to keep browsing your site or not. There are a lot of factors that play into those seven seconds. Within a few seconds, all of the marketing, advertising and word of mouth can be justified or thrown down the drain. Here are the top three factors that contribute to your online first impression.

Important Points to Consider for Designing Corporate Websites

Website design is not an easy task, and you will need proper knowledge in various programming disciplines like HTML, PHP, CSS and content management systems. But website design is a very important aspect of any online advertisement.

How to Add a New Magento Shipping Module Iinto the Website

In this article, the author discusses the process of adding new Magento shipping modules into a website. Although he gives a step-by-step process but suggests seeking professional assistance in case you’re unable to do it in-house.

Flash Web Design: Reasons to Appreciate, Not Criticize

Flash-based websites are a convincing thing to create engagement among your target audience. However, that could only be done only if you have utilized certain best practices into the design. This article takes a brief look into the how to

Breaking The Molds Of Site Design And Advertising

The task for you, then, is setting yourself apart from the crowd online. What most people fail to realize is that a lot of what goes into tackling that problem begins offline. Marketing anything online is going to be smart, but it’s also going to be something that has been done a lot. You are likely entering a field with thousands, or possibly millions, of competitors.

The Web Browser Mystery – Why Do People Continue to Drive a Lada When They Could Drive a Ferrari?

If someone came up to you in the street and offered you the keys to a Ferrari free of charge, what would you say? Would you refuse out of loyalty to your current car manufacturer – or out of fear? It’s not even a question that’s up for debate really is it – however, in the world of the internet, specifically windows PC / laptop users, it really is that simple.

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