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A Contrast Between Website Content and Presentation!

Do you understand the difference between website content and presentation? Read this article to learn some surprisingly important information about such differences and how they can affect a website’s success!

HTML: A Great Tool in Website Design and Development

This, I know is a very common question especially to people who have little idea on how the internet works. Sure, we know how to Google, we have an account in Facebook. But, what really makes all these possible? Well, to tell you the truth, basically, once upon a time, one way or the other, all these started because of HTML.

Top Four Text Editors Used in Web Designing Today

What do you think is the one upgrade that can very much help web developers in increasing their productivity, speed and their quality of work? It’s probably the simplest thing in web designing but most developers tend to overlook it. So, what is it, you may ask?

Important Tips For Web Site Design

These are some of the important tips that may help you in making a web design. These tips will provide web designer guides and tips to create and improve in making a website.

What Is A Web Design?

Web design is used as a common term to explain any of the different projects that involves developing a website. Particularly, it symbolizes projects relevant on developing the front-end of a web page.

CSS3: Do We Still Need to Code It Manually?

With CSS3, lots of new properties are being introduced. Prior to CSS3, it was fun remembering the properties and code it manually. However, with CSS3, there is a sea change!

What Content Should I Have on My Mobile Website?

In a world saturated with smartphones, mobile websites are becoming increasingly important. As companies take on the task of creating mobile versions of their websites, they face a number of decisions. The most obvious one is how the mobile website should look. While it’s important to focus on the design, content is equally important and perhaps more difficult.

Must-Have Skills to Be Good in Website Designing

Need a job? Well, if you’re like most people, then you would have probably noticed that the job trend these days would point you in website designing. They say you don’t have to have experience in the field, but of course, just like in any job, experience could be a plus. But, basically, all you really need to have is the thirst to learn because all the information you need to be good is at the tip of your fingertips. So, to give you an overview of what you must have in this industry, here’s a list: Now, this is just a list of what you need to be good at! So, don’t expect anything more than that.

What Are The Ethics Of Working As A Web Designer?

In this day and age, every profession has its own set of ethical guidelines that its members are supposed to adhere to, and this is no different for those working as web designers. Whilst there can be no denying that the ethical considerations for those working in the design industry are by no means as crucial as those for the medical or law enforcement industries (for example), there are reasons that they should be adhered to. So, what are some of the ethical situations that designers are faced with?

Web Anime: Create Your Own

Anime is AWESOME (!), according to me and all anime lovers. So to all of you fans out there who want to know how to make their very own anime website (and finally expressing your inner awesomeness in a whole new level), well here are some pointers to get it on!

Tips to Correctly Formatting A Website!

Do you need to know how to properly format a website? Read this article to learn some of the basic ideas for formatting an internet page and how it can improve a visitor’s experience!

Why Custom Web Design and Development Is Better for Your Business

One of the first questions that you will have to answer when looking for a new website for your business is whether you want to get one custom built or you want to use a template. A template is essentially a skeleton structure for a website that content and your brand name can easily be added to. When you get a website custom built on the other hand, the web design company starts from scratch and creates a website for you that is completely unique and designed solely to meet your business’s needs.

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