What’s Coming in WordPress 5 8 Features and Screenshots

Top 4 Factors to Consider When Creating a Business Website

With the constant changes and the emerging digital revolution, websites are playing an important role in enhancing organizations, by connecting new customers drawn from around the world. As a businessman, you cannot survive without a website. They have become an important resource and a platform of interaction used for receiving information and providing information.

A Guide Showing How To Create A Website

According to a general research, thousands of websites are being launched every minute. Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge rush of websites on internet? Why any single online entrepreneur owns hundreds of thousands of websites alone? What it is which gives them so much return to their investments?

Top Four Website Design Trends In 2013

In the recent years there has been a considerable amount of change in the way, the designers are creating the websites. Most of the users have already shifted to different mobile platforms that support the HTML5/ CSS3 web standards. In this post you will get a brief idea on the recent web designing trends that have been evolving in last few years.

How to Achieve Artistic Distance in Web Design

All creative endeavours require timely engagement and a level of personal intimacy, thus carrying the risk of developing an emotional and physical proximity between the artist and his work. Since artistic distance can have a fundamental impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of website design, in this article I propose four different methods that can help create “space” between the designer and his work. These include a “brain resetting” exercise, image rendering, constructive criticism, and for those willing to take things to a whole new level, meditation.

7 Must-Do’s When You Hunt for a Web Designer

Your website is your most valued online asset that acts as a hub of convergence for people looking to engage with your brand. You do not want to entrust the creation or re-design of your website to vendors who are technically incompetent. Here are 7 of the most important points to consider when you choosing a web designer for your web site.

Ecommerce Website Design – 5 Important Features To Include

The right ecommerce website design is essential to the success of your venture because this is your primary medium for communicating with your clients. This is still a relatively new field and you might not know what features your site ought to have. Your objective should be to get users to come back regularly and do a transaction most of the times.

How to Design An Authoritative Website!

Does your website inspire customer trust? Read this article that features ways in increase the trust that a customer must have to make a purchase!

Is Your Homepage Eye-Catching or Boring?

If you answered boring to the question in the topic of this post, let’s change that QUICK! Homepages are KEY to attracting clients and followers to your website/blogs. You have very little time to capture the eyes of each individual that is led to your website, so you want to make sure you keep them interested by having an over-the-top homepage!

How Touchscreens Have Changed Design

Since touchscreens were first developed, designers have had to change their way of thinking and designing. This has forced designers to focus their efforts on enhancing the user experience through touchscreen designs.

Why Google Prefers Responsive Web Design!

Do you know very much about responsive web design? Read this article to get up-to-date how well this type of web design works on all mobile platforms!

Avoid Design Difficulties – Have An Explicit Web Design Contract!

Do you know what a design contract should include? Read this article to learn what should be found in a web design contract for both designer and client!

How to Find A Phenomenal Web Design Firm!

Do you know how to find a great web design firm to create your new website? Read this article for valuable insight into the best way to reach this goal!

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