Yoast SEO Plugin Acquired – What This Means For WordPress SEO Plugins

Tips to Kick Start You in Creating a New Website

If you are a web developer and you are thinking of coming up with a website for your business, there are some key points you have to follow. They will assist you in making the best website which will attract more potential client or customers to your site. This will get you more sales.

Importance of Scalable Website Design

Why is scalability important while designing websites? How should one design sites for scalability? Read this article to find out more about scalable web design and its importance.

10 Things to Ask a Web Developer BEFORE Signing the Contract!

If you are ready to hire a web designer, then you are ready to ask some questions. Check out our top ten questions to ask a web designer before hiring.

Solving Web Design Nightmares – Responsive Web Design!

So, you have a website now. Great! You are in step one of having a great online presence. Having a website is not only “having a website” but also making it available to users, and in most cases, as many as possible. So how do you target the ever growing mobile users?

Cascading Style Sheets Explained

What are Cascading Style Sheets? What are their advantages? How do you use them in your website development? Read everything about CSS in our article.

What Is Robots Txt?

A robots.txt file can play a vital role in the performance of your website as it can help search engines find the sitemap of your site. It also lets them know which pages to ignore. This article gives more information about robots.txt.

How To Keep Track Of The Performance Of Your Website

By now, most corporations must be having a website. But it is also likely that most of them are not making the most of it. According to the web designers, about 29% of such corporations rarely update their sites, on a quarterly basis if at all.

Is Your Business Website A Fire Hazard?

Are you unknowingly permitting clutter and chaos to confuse, or even repel, potential customers as they attempt to use your website? Does your website have any “fire hazards?”

Is Your Business Logo Design The Best It Can Be?

Is your business logo design working for you? Ask yourself a few questions and find out if your logo is effective… or if your logo is a “no go.”

Get SEO Without A SEO Company

Do you have to be a professional in SEO if you want your website to get visitors? No, you don’t. Trust me, this is a misconception help by a couple of business owners who have websites. However, the points below will help you see that you can actually attract visitors to your website even if you are not a SEO company.

Website User Experience Design

What is User Experience Design? Why is it important and how do you achieve it while designing your website? Read our article to know everything about Website User Experience Design!

How to Select a Professional Website Design Company

In general, when looking for a professional website designing company, make sure you have searched for certain search items related to website designing. This will help you sift through your search and find the best option quickly.

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